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 Current and Stylish DJs that stand out from the crowd…

Boutique Disco DJs are perfectionists.  

We are well established in creating the best party atmospheres with our state of the art DJ setups and only use the most professional equipment to ensure that your party looks and sounds amazing!

DJ Sets tailored to your tastes!

Make your party like no other!

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We will tailor our DJ Set lists to match your music tastes! If it’s an 90s Oldskool night, an indie festival vibe or a mish mash of everything, we are the DJs for you!

18th birthdays

DJing at 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th Birthdays. Our extensive knowledge of music genres and our ability to mix like the best Club DJs makes us a very popular choice for Birthday parties.

You will not get a service like this anywhere else in the UK.


We have DJ’d and photographed for many high profile birthday parties because of our reputation to provide the best party atmosphere imaginable.

We are not talking average photos, these are professional party pictures using a highly sophisticated DSLR camera used by professional photographers. These pictures get projected on to a screen during the night for all your guests to see! They are then made available via our famous Facebook page.

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