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This is how we do it at Boutique Disco

This is what we do! We are the wedding DJs who play epic DJ sets, take pictures of your evening, display them on a big screen and give everyone the best time imaginable at your wedding disco party!

Every single client of the Boutique Disco has always come up to us at the end of their night and given us a thank you, handshake, hug or round of applause for the Wedding DJ service we have provided. We love what we do!! We have a great time seeing you and your guests having a great time with us!

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Boutique Disco Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you have Public Liability Insurance?”

Yes, we are fully insured. All our equipment is reliable and PAT tested to comply with your venues requirements.

“How much do you charge?”

Contact us by clicking here and we will send you our pricelist with no obligation to book. We would never pressurise anyone who inquires with us. A simple email to tell us where you are getting married and when is all we need.

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“I have seen so many wedding disco websites; they all say they are great and that they provide you with the best evening possible, why are you different?”

We don’t doubt that there are other great DJs out there, we work with a few ourselves and know the standard can be good.

However… no-one provides the incredible experience we do!

Do they capture all the fun of your evening party? Will they post pictures of your evening up on their professional facebook page for you and all your guests to see?

Can they provide you with a film montage keepsake of your party so you can re-live your special day time and time again?!

“What sort of music do you play?”

We play everything is the honest answer. We try to avoid cheese where possible (i.e. Grease lightning, Marcarena etc) but we make exceptions if it’s what you really want.

At one party we may play anything from Motown to 70′s funk, to 80′s classics and modern chart.

At another party the next day, we may play oldskool 90s, RnB, modern and oldskool dance anthems.


We play what we know will get everyone up dancing. There are so many different age groups and musical tastes to cater for! Our experience allows us to gauge the atomosphere and keep the floor bouncing!

Boutique Disco DJs are experienced DJs who can beat match and mix anything, from house to trance and hip hop to oldskool funk and soul.

Every Boutique Disco we do is different. We are often praised by bar staff who hear us play regularly for not being predictable and boring like other DJs they see around.

“We are going to ask all our guests for a song they would like played during the evening, can we give you a playlist?”

This is a very common question we get asked when people get in touch with us. The short answer is YES, however, we are trusted week in week out to deliver the BEST party atmospheres, and sometimes, some of the requests are not suitable.

A good scenario would be if you were to imagine the dance floor full of all your guests having a great time to a great song such as ….. Mr Brightside, then someone comes up to the DJ and asks for Hotel California, or a slow Elvis song. It just would not be a good time to play those songs as they would kill the floor instantly, along with the atmosphere and the momentum of the party. Different songs need to be played at appropriate times in the night. The same goes for obscure songs that 99% of the guests will not know.


The best way to do a playlist is to tell us the songs you really want played and the songs you definitely do not want played. We take requests throughout the night and judge the crowd accordingly to make sure that the floor is going all night! We do not play the same songs, week in week out. Our music selection changes at every party we attend, this is mostly down to the requests we take but also helps due to your playlist and due to our experience and knowledge of what will work in your party and what won’t.

We love and value your music input!

Knowing what you like, helps us to give you the best night imaginable!


“What time do you play from?”

Usually we arrive from 6pm to be setup for 7pm. It takes us approx 1 hour to setup. This depends on the access to the venue and we will find out whether it will take longer and arrive earlier if needs be (at no extra cost).

If you would like us to setup before your wedding reception, so that you can have us play music during your wedding breakfast and have a wireless microphone to make announcements and speeches then this can be added to your package (see our packages list for more details).

We play until 12am. We can play longer if the venue allows and will charge a flat hourly fee for each hour we play. Contact us for our pricelist if you would like to know more.

We recently did a wedding until 5am, however, this was in a barn, in a farm in the middle of nowhere and we DJ’d from a tractor trailer! It wasn’t your regular wedding!

“What does your setup look like?”


There are Four different types of setup we use. Each of Boutique Disco’s DJs uses either Truss systems to construct eye catching DJ setups, or Starcloth Booths for a more classical Wedding DJ theme.

We have state of the art LED lights that will fill the room with multiple colours to give your evening a real party atmosphere. We also include uplighters in our package which will wash the walls and ceiling with beautiful colour, creating blissful ambiance and vibe for your party!

Our Sound Systems are of the highest quality for beautiful crisp sound.

We use a MIDI mixing table plugged into a Laptop which runs a state of the art DJ program, which plays the music.

All our music is legitamitely sourced and 100% legal.

We also provide a screen to project pictures of your evening as we take them for everyone to see!

You can also use this screen to put your own photos up of the day, or a slideshow of your lives, or emabrassing pictures of your friends on their STAG/HEN do’s!

You can use the screen for whatever you like!

“How much extra is all that?”

The screen is included with all our packages! So are the lights and so are the pictures we take!

“What about the pictures?”

We take pictures of your evening and display them through the night for everyone to see on a big screen. If you would like your night to be filmed and edited in a mini film montage, then this is included in our ♥Boutique Disco Rocks!♥ (See our Packages page for more info). We can provide you with props to get you started, a lot of our couples like to chuck their own props into the mix too, this is always great! You can never have too many props!

“What is the film montage you do?”

The professional party photos have become so popular with our clients, they show everyone having a good time and they are so much fun to take! But it occurred to us that with the capabilities of our amazing DSLR camera, it allowed us to start recording the evening in small snippet videos aswell!! With all the video we were taking, it just seemed logical to edit it and turn the party into a little film! This has become our most popular package and you can see why from one we made earlier….

Feedback from our Boutique Disco clients often come back as our pictures being their favourite ones to look back on. They are more dynamic, less formal, relaxed and most of all fun!

“What if I’m camera shy?”

Not a problem, at your request we can take more footage of your guests having a great time!!! We will still take a few great shots of you and your partner and add them in too. You won’t even notice us filming you as we tend to stay a good distance back and film with our telezoom lens. Everything you see in our films is natural and not staged!

“Tell me more about the Facebook pictures!”

There will be approximately 50+ free pictures which are posted up on our Boutique Disco Facebook page, they have our Boutique Disco logo on and are of ‘Facebook’ quality. We post these up usually within 3 days depending on how busy we are and all we ask is that you share the page with your friends and tag the people in the pictures, so that they can see them.

“What if we do not want our pictures put up your Facebook Page”

For Boutique Disco to give you and your guests the most amazing experience, we love sharing our work and it’s always great to be able to have access to the photos for everyone at the party, to have a look at and remember how great a night it was.

Sometimes our clients don’t want their pictures put up on facebook for many understandable reasons. These may be because they maybe very private people, or they are not on facebook, or someone is in the Armed forces and does not want anyone to see them on social media.

For times like this we have to add an additional charge for supplying the photography to supplement the lack of advertising we get when your guests see our photos and tag themselves, thus reaching a huge audience, which generates a great level of exposure and interest in our services.

The Fee we charge for this is £100. If you would rather have no photography, the price remains the same and we cannot give any discount.

How do we get the photos?

We used to send the photos out on a DVD, however, DVD’s are fast becoming obsolete! (Can you believe that! Times are changing far too fast for our liking!)

These days we put the photos in “The Cloud” for you to download at your convenience.

If you would like the photos on a Disc, we can do this but will charge a flat fee of £20 to organise, burn, package and send the Disc via post.

We would love to hear from you. Contact us with any query you have and we will gladly get back to you within 24-48 hours.

There is no pressure to book with us, even if you just want a bit of free advice with regards to your big day, we are more than happy to help!

We are fast becoming the premier choice DJ service throughout the M4 Corridor, with over 3000 Likes (and counting) so far on our Facebook page.

Read our reviews on our Facebook page to see REAL reviews from REAL people.

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