Bespoke Wedding DJ London, Oxford, Cardiff

Bespoke Wedding DJ London and Cardiff

 Boutique Disco is more than just a DJ Service

We provide our excellent value Wedding and Party DJ services across the UK, with more and more of our amazing clients booking our Wedding DJ Services in London, Manchester , Bristol and Cardiff. 

We are well known for the pictures we provide as part of all our packages. Wedding DJs in London

To remember one of the best days of your life, we also offer a Film Montage Service.

We take film of your party and combine it with your pictures to create an amazing story of your party, capturing all the greatest moments, from your First Dance, to the crazy Dance Moves, to the Last Dance in a stunning mix of Film and Photography. 

Below are examples of our Exclusive All Day and All Night Wedding Films. To find out more about this package, just get in touch :) – There is never any obligation to book!


 At Boutique Disco, we LOVE our Job. We just want to make your day, the BEST day it can be!!

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Do you like what you see?


Well this is what we do! We play great music, take pictures of your evening, display them on a big screen and give everyone the best time imaginable!

Every single client of the Boutique Disco has always come up to us at the end of their night and given us a thank you, handshake, hug or round of applause for the service we have provided. We love what we do!! We have a great time watching you and your guests having a great time with us!


“I have seen so many mobile Disco and wedding DJs websites, they all say they are great and that they provide you with the best evening possible, why are you different?”

wedding djWe don’t doubt that there are other great wedding DJs out there, we work with a few ourselves and know the standard can be good.

But honestly, no one does it like us. Did they give you professional party photos of your party?

And will they post pictures of your evening up on a professional facebook page  the next day for you and all your guests to see? 





Can they provide you with a film montage of your party?

Will they include uplighters as part of their basic package?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a no, then Boutique Disco is what you are looking for!

cardiff-wedding-dj (41)a“What sort of music do you play?”

We play everything is the honest answer. We try to avoid cheese where possible (i.e. Grease lightning, Marcarena etc) but we make exceptions if it’s what you really want.

At one party we may play anything from Motown to 70′s funk, to 80′s classics and modern chart.

At another party the next day, we may play oldskool 90s, RnB, modern and oldskool dance anthems.

We play what we know will get everyone up dancing. There are so many different age groups and musical tastes to cater for! Our experience allows us to gauge the atomosphere and keep the floor bouncing!

Boutique Disco DJs are experienced wedding DJs who can beat match and mix anything, from house to trance and hip hop to oldskool funk and

Every Boutique Disco we do is different. We are often praised by bar staff who hear us play regularly for not being predictable and boring like other wedding DJs they see around.

How much do you charge?”

It depends on what package you would like. Our cheapest package is  ♪The Boutique Disco♪ which starts at £375. See our Packages page for further information about what we can offer you. Our most popular package is ♥ The Boutique Disco Rocks ♥ which includes our increasingly popular film montage service. 



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