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What we do at Boutique Disco is very unique. Any DJ can tell you that they are great at what they do, but we believe you have to see it and experience it for yourself.

This is why nearly all of our bookings come from those who have seen us in action. 95% of our customer base is from recommendation, with a growing interest from people who have found us on google or through facebook – here is a video of the story of our year so far…


Boutique Disco is well renowned for the awesome photos that we take, as well as providing our Epic DJ Service, creating the Best Atmospheres for your party.


Most wedding photographers leave after the first dance, usually around 8:30pm. We capture your first dance and during the early part of the evening, we also go around taking informal shots of your friends and family.

You can even grab us and take us around with you getting shots of you with your friends!

Friends. Emotion. Dancing badly. Making a fool out of yourself. Organising a singalong. Having the gathering wear fancy dress. Falling over.


These are things which make for memorable photos. The kind of thing that you want to keep getting out time and time again over the years. It is usually around 10pm through till midnight that these fabulous things start to happen.

That is the magic of what we do at Boutique Disco!


When you book a Boutique Disco DJ , you can be assured that we will deliver the best in everything we provide for your party!

Our experience as DJs is second to none.

“The DJ setups that Boutique Disco provide are incredible”

- Mike & Jess, Boutique Disco Clients, May 2017.

ajess and mike

We offer 3 Excellent Value DJ/Photo Packages with the option to have extras added such as Starcloth Curtains, Early setup with ceremony music, microphones for speeches and extra mood lighting – all prices are available on request – fill in our enquiry form below.


To see our packages simply click on the package you want below and you will be taken to an online enquiry form.

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DJ photo film package POA Website

With ‘The Rocks’ package, we provide the same as the DJ | Photography Package but we also make an awesome film montage of your evening too!

We won’t waste time telling you how great it is watching all the highlights of your big party, we will just show you one we made earlier!

Click the image to see the film


There are loads to watch on our YouTube Channel too :)

Early setup POA webpage from 12pm

Early setup POA webpage from 2pm new



There is no fuel charge for venues within a 15 mile radius of Cardiff. If your venue is outside of this radius then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can give you a fuel quote for your venue.